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REM Headphones

Falling asleep to music is one of life’s greatest pleasures. As bad as it may be for you (studies show that any sound occurring as you sleep prohibits your mind from entering its needed REM cycles), a little Al Green never hurt anyone. The biggest problem I find with keeping my headphones on while I sleep is the aching ear pains I wake up with the following day. The plastic earbuds are just too hard for me to be rolling around pressing them against my delicate ears. (more…)

Delta “Lines”

This ad speaks to how, in the airline industry, there are no straight lines. Hopefully that rule doesn’t apply to the runways we take off from and land on. It is true that, on paper, flights take the shortest path to any destination: a straight line. But that’s only if you’re thinking one-dimensionally. (more…)

Happy Veterans Day

Today Blades Magazine will pause and remember all of those brave men and women who have bravely fought many wars for the freedom of this wonderful country of ours, May God Bless them all.Ā Blades Magazine thanks you all for your service to this country.