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Audi E-Bike Wörthersee

Let me start off by saying I hate bikers. Now more than ever this new bicyclist fad is second only to mother-in-laws in the things that have terrorized my life the most. What’s the average speed limit on a residential street, 30 mph? Well bikers seem to think it’s 5. Their bicycles are classified as road vehicles but if a car were to go 5 mph on a road of any sort they’d be cut off and would hear some unpleasant things from all the drivers who were driving behind them. It’d cause too much chaos to try to stop these bikers from continuing their life-long (aka this year’s) passion, so the only way to stop traffic congestion is to make them faster. (more…)

Solar Impulse Plane Transcontinental Flight

Many months ago we mentioned talk of a plane that could run on nothing but solar energy. It seemed like a far reach back then (and it still does now), but the idea sounded revolutionary. If you could build a plane that used no fuel, emitted no CO2 and gave off no pollution, you’d change air travel forever. Well what began in 2003 is finally seeing the light of day in 2012 as the Solar Impulse plane began its first transcontinental flight last week. (more…)

Woman Diverts Flight for “Medical Emergency”

It’s bad enough dealing with screaming children on planes, now we have to hope there aren’t any disruptive French on board. A US Airways flight on route from Paris to North Carolina (an odd pair if you ask me) was diverted to Maine on Tuesday because of a French woman claiming she had a dangerous implant in her body that needed immediate attention. Marigot, who only speaks French, handed a note to a flight attendant along with, for some unusual reason, a book she had written herself. Not until later did her attorney discover what was making her act anxious. She said that she had been “wronged” by a group of doctors and had something inside of her that was “out of control”. Marigot continues by insisting on medical help from President Obama and the American people. (more…)

2012 Olympic Game Torches Fly First Class

Like the ignorant child I am, I’ve always remained under the impression that the Olympic Torches were actual torches. You know, the kind on a chunk of wood with an open flame. Of course thinking back, that would be pretty illogical. This “torch” (in reality more of a lantern) made its route from Athens to the U.K. on Friday flying first class along with dignitaries and British celebrities like David Beckham. The flame was carried in two specially-made metal cradles and held to the seat with a seat belt and Velcro strap. That’s right, the comfort and security of a small fire gets higher priority than us average Joes stuffed together in economy. (more…)

Felix Baumgartner: B.A.S.E. 502

You know you’re a badass when you have a codename.Felix Baumgartnera.k.a. B.A.S.E. 502 is a busy man, what with the skydiving, B.A.S.E. jumping, helicopter piloting, climbing, boxing, motocross, and rallye. How he finds time to so much as breathe is a wonder. And the only list longer than his hobbies are his accomplishments. A World Champion title for B.A.S.E. jumping, multiple records for highest AND lowest dives all over the world, multiple nominations for World Sports Awards and NEA Extreme Sports Awards, addition to the “Street of Champions”, crossing of several channels, etc., etc., etc. But what’s most impressive about ol’ 502 isn’t what he’s done, but what he’s on track to achieving. (more…)

Hang Gliding Rio de Janeiro

So you wanna take your first step towards becoming a wingsuiter? Well before that you have to skydive…a lot. And before that you have to get rid of your fear of heights/dying. But one thing at a time, baby steps as they call it. What better way to wipe away those illogical phobias than to jump right into the skies and experience gliding in its most original form: hang gliding. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and flying tandem over Rio de Janeiro is a fitting first step. (more…)

Infinity List

The extent of my familiarity with an infinity list is the to-do list I’m expected to fulfill for my other half. Except the only thing on my to-do list is wingsuiting. Unfortunately I haven’t found the time to perform the necessary 200 skydive prerequisite in order to legally fly a wingsuit. As if on my 201st I’ll suddenly become a prodigy of the skies. So much praise goes out to all the wingsuiting maniacs and B.A.S.E jumping practitioners in the world. (more…)

Norway B.A.S.E. Jump Movie

Every day it seems a new video comes out exemplifying some new up-and-coming unknown flyers. Where were these individuals two months ago? Would’ve been nice to spread them out. Anyways, a few of these B.A.S.E jumpers got together in Lusebotn, Norway and decided to film a movie to document their aerial adventures. They felt the need to share the experience of what they called “3D Human Flight”. (more…)