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A little something to help bicyclists get the hell out of my lane. After exercise, these hellraisers cited fuel prices and emissions as the primary reason they ride. Well the entire bicycle-riding community will be pleased to know that the very fast, very sleek Monobike will be 100% electric. You ask, “How is it a ‘mono’-bike if it has two wheels?” Drive it fast enough and you’ll find out; at high speeds the rear wheel lifts and leaves the balancing and controlling up to the larger front wheel. (more…)

Monterey’s World-Famous Aquarium

If you haven’t spent a few immersive hours at an aquarium or two you haven’t had much of a childhood. Or an adulthood. Growing up with the promise that I’d soon get to visit Shamu at Miami Seaquarium was the main reason I carried on with my life from ages 6 to 7. But enormous Orcas are just one aquarium attraction at your visual disposal. Another, perhaps rarer sight to behold would be the animated jellyfish of Monterey Bay Aquarium in California. (more…)

Jaguar XKX

Jaguar seems to have made a fortune off producing “old people” cars. Whenever I see a Jaguar it’s usually parked in the Handicapped spot, with a cane visible through the windshield. Apparently someone gave the company a heads up on the joke as they’ve decided to boost the looks on their latest concept. The Jaguar XKX features a look very different from any other car today. At the front of the XKX, two large vents provide passage of air from the front of the car, through the center, and back over the rear wheels. It took Jaguar numerous hours of research to find out that side mirrors are the second most destroyed part during vandalism, so the 1 cm thick side mirror folds into the side into a barely visible hatch and open up when the car is started. (more…)


With gas prices going through the roof and Tron Legacy giving the main character a super futuristic sport bike, it’s no wonder cyclists are looking to go green in style. Unfortunately, the concept of the Naked Electrocycle, or “BOLT” seems to be made solely in gray. But on a non-satirical note, this bike does combines fuel efficiency and power, everything a real man wants in his life. This motorcycle isn’t like your big, loud Harley Davidson with the long chrome exhaust and leather bags on the sides. (more…)

Donut Bike

As much as I hate to admit it, for those that work in busy cities or don’t have the current capital for a car, bicycles are the next best thing. But having to deal with storing and securing your vehicle can be a hassle. Luckily there is Donut Bike, a unique concept bicycle which folds in on itself to become a circular, transportable case. This practical invention calms the worries of locking up and the hassle of managing heavy, awkward bicycles. (more…)

Salt Made from Tears

OK I know it sounds disgusting, but bear with me. You know you’ve been wanting to update that kitchen cabinet of yours. After a while, salt and pepper can get a little old. So you go out and order Salt Made from Tears. Produced by Hoxton Street Monster Supplies in London, you may think being English they just have a witty, misleading name for their product. (more…)


Adastra Yacht

Everyone needs more yachts. But not only more; bigger, more obnoxious and more expensive ones. The Adastra Yacht ($15 million) takes care of all three. Built for a Hong Kong businessman to commute to and from his private Indonesian islands, Everyone needs more yachts. A SiMON_ integrated ships monitoring system monitors fuel, security, pump sensors, electrical, and lights, and can be operated from an iPad. (more…)


Flying Hovercraft

It’s summertime, that means it’s boating time. You wanna take your boat out on the water, maybe go fishing and stop by some islands on the way. At the same time you have the urge to fly but times are tough and paying for a vacation flight isn’t in the cards this year. I’m here to tell you you could do both…without ever leaving your boat. The Flying Hovercraft, courtesy of Hammacher Schlemmer is a vehicle that glides over land and water and soars in the air up to 70 mph by way of integrated wings. (more…)