More Aviation

World Base Race

To clarify, the World Base Race isn’t Newt Gingrich’s plan to set up a lunar base colonize the moon before any other country in the world. It should more clearly be referred to as the World B.A.S.E Race. Then you would know that the event is a showdown between two wingsuiters flying head-to-head to both win a race and stun a crowd. (more…)

Wingsuit Aerial Fleet

Wingsuiting is best done with friends. When we usually see these loonies at work, they’re flying within feet of cliffs, mountains and death. For example the Turbolenza Team, one wrong tweak and the Fearless Five could’ve become the Frightened Four. We hardly ever see them in open space. But as this sport begins to grow outside the small circle of celebrities we’ve come to know (Corliss, Mancino etc.), enthusiasts will think of ways to make it more visually appealing. (more…)

Turbolenza Dolomites No Fear

Remember that super amazing wingsuiting team we mentioned a while back? That collective of badass fearless fliers whose job it was to look awesome? Well they didn’t just sit idle. Turbolenza (whom we refer to as the league of extraordinary athletes) sorted out 5 of its members to take part in the Dolomoites Wingsuit B.A.S.E. Tour. (more…)

Red Bull Skylighter Suits

Is it pathetic that I just realized the brand “Red Bull” was named after the idea that bulls are aggravated by the color red? I guess that’s why it gets you so hyper, the drink itself is an uncontainable paradox waiting to explode. Red Bull, the attention-hogger that it is, has pulled another dazzling, creative stunt deserving of a trophy to be placed on the mantle along with the helicopter jumps, skydives, car races and wingsuiting that make up their previous successes. (more…)


Drunk people everywhere are on their knees; salvation is here. We predicted that new regulation in the area of unmanned drones would lead to some pretty interesting uses over the next few years, but no one could have foreseen the TacoCopter becoming the first major idea to break through the farfetched barrier. Picture yourself standing in a fast food desert, not a single drive-thru-equipped restaurant for blocks. (more…)

Space Museum Lifts Off 800-Pound Paper Airplane

Who knew space museums could be anything but excruciatingly boring? The Pimo Air & Space Museum in Arizona has become the first of its kind to excite people with the launch of its Great Paper Airline, as they call it. The 800-pound, 45-foot paper aircraft was taken by helicopter to a height of 2,703 feet and released to sail freely in the open skies. A marvelous sight on the level of the Wright Brothers’ or Barrington Irving‘s accomplishments. (more…)

Turkish Airlines Funky New Look

Are you part of the 99 percent? The 99 percent who feel under-appreciated at their jobs I mean. Well if you work at Turkish Airlines, welcome to the 1 percent. The carrier, wanting to thank its crew for their years and years of service, plastered over 17,000 photos of its employees on the sides of one of their 737s. The new design adds a little funk to the jet’s previously mundane appearance. (more…)

Ryanair Under Investigation

Ryanair under investigation? What a surprise. Could it be for their in-flight porn? A sexual harassment suit for their Cabin Crew Calendar?  Charging a dying man for the sandwich and soda that saved his life? (more…)