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Why to Respect Turbines

I don’t know if people know this or not, but fences are put up for a reason. They usually mean “keep away” or “this is for your own safety”. But some people just don’t get the massive metal hint. St. Maarten Island is known for their beachside airport, just yards away from the waters of Maho Beach. And where there’s beaches, there’s drunks and, at an arguably lower level of reasoning skills, tourists. (more…)

Rex Pemberton: Dare Devil or Insane?

Ever watched a superhero show on television where you just wanted to put on a blanket and fly like superman? Well, for most of us, we probably gave up that idea after the first time we hit the floor. Unlike most people, Rex Pemberton never gave up that dream. Pemberton lives for the adventure of climbing up colossal mountains such as the Himalayas, waiting for that small gust of wind to take him down hundreds of feet with his paragliding equipment. Talk about being on top of the world. (more…)

British Airways Unveils Olympic ‘Dove’ Plane

It’s Olympics season again? Oh how time flies…no pun intended. Although flying isn’t yet in the Olympics, British Airways has taken it upon themselves to make their planes a hot topic for this summer’s London Games. The first plane in their flock of Olympic-themed jets was unveiled this week with the promise that they will fly during this year’s games. (more…)

Team Ill Vision

Everyone needs some friendly competition. But Team Ill is so similar to Team Turbolenza that this isn’t just some buddy-buddy thing…it’s a rivalry. I’m not saying one copied the other, but TWO wingsuiting/B.A.S.E jumping teams? It just doesn’t add up. Both travel the world in search of new records to break and new heights to reach (literally), trying to make history everyday. But only one can hold a record, and there’s only room for one in the history books. Coexisting is not an option. (more…)


What’s that word called when you find something wonderful without looking for it? Ah, yes. Serendipitous. For the longest time I’ve been feeling this void that seemed could only be filled by some sort of historical aerial antique. So imagine my surprise when I come across an eBay listing advertising the sale of a 1965 Huey Gunship UH-1E used in the Vietnam War. (more…)

[$175,000.00 Bid]

HTC One: Het Experiment

This could possibly be the best promo I’ve ever seen. Last week Blades unveiled the partnership between HTC and Roberta Mancino, and told you things were brewing in the ad world. But now we can expand on those little informational slices and give you the whole pie. Nick, your run-of-the-mill photography student, was given the objective of taking the perfect fashion photo on the HTC One…while freefalling. (more…)

Goodyear Blimp Shot

There’s a financial crisis and these guys are throwing basketballs out of a blimp. Must be nice. Imagine getting paid to screw around, make YouTube videos all day, and fly around in a Goodyear Blimp. That’s the life of YouTube celeb team “Dude Perfect”, a group of guys who decided long ago to make basketball shots for a living. (more…)

Follow the Pro

The Turbolenza team’s been busy this week. Why do we always see videos of dozens of skydivers freefalling over populated towns yet never look up in the sky to see them in person. Granted it would scare the hell out of me, my first thought being that Ryanair’s faulty planes finally caused them a huge problem. Passengers falling everywhere. Then their chutes would open and I’d be reassured that it’s just Turbolenza living their motto, “Follow the Flow”. (more…)