More Aviation

Golden Knights

Another rival group of fliers to compete with Team Turbo for the spotlight? What a surprise. The Golden Knights are a team of army paratroopers who spend their days performing at air shows across the nation. Utilizing their skills and training in skydiving and fear-blocking, these army-men have so much precision that they effortlessly land on a mark no bigger than the size of their feet. (more…)

Jeb Corliss Angel Falls 1997

Since we shared with you Corliss’s Empire State Building fiasco back when his parachuting career was starting out, it only makes sense that we give you another piece of pie that is Jeb’s history. Back in 1997, on the brink of his 30th base jump, Corliss rides a plane to Angel Falls, his first real expedition. (more…)

Lufthansa App

Great, another great idea being hogged by the Swedish. First it was pocket knives, then it was universal health care. Now it’s an app that will have people literally waking up in the morning rushing to their iPhones. German airline Lufthansa developed Anywake, the alarm clock app, to allow users to wake up in a new city every morning. (more…)

Rubber Chicken ‘Camilla’ Space Launch

When I think of rubber animals, I think of the rubber ducks in my bathtub during adolescence and possibly the 1992 spill of rubber ducks in the Pacific Ocean. Now, a new home for rubber animals has encrusted itself in space. (more…)

Jeb Corliss & The Empire State Building

Everyone faces struggles when on the come-up. Brady had to battle to get off the bench and lead the Patriots as quarterback, Bernie Mac lived in poverty and Ray Charles had the whole blind thing. Corliss is no exception and as can be seen by his outrageous attempt to leap off the Empire State Building in ’08, his struggles were unique. (more…)

Miami B.A.S.E. Swag

Miami is just the epitome of swag. Beaches, babes and now B.A.S.E. What do you get when you take a young guy and give him a parachute? You can guarantee he’s gonna try something stupid. Actually he looks like a teenager you can guarantee he’s gonna try something stupid without the parachute. But you need not worry there’s an “adult” with him to supervise and even join in the life-risking stupidity we call B.A.S.E. jumping. (more…)

Kroop’s Goggles

What’s my main concern when I go skydiving? Dry eyes. Yes, it’s not the fact that some minor malfunction could buy me a first class ticket to the cemetery that’s on my mind…it’s an itchy retina. Your mother always told you to wear protection (head protection for those of you who may misinterpret), but little did she know that that head gear would be put to work thousands of feet in the air as you’re falling at terminal velocity. (more…)


Air Traffic Controller Ignores Emergency Call

Don’t you just hate prank calls? You would think that if an airline was in charge of a flight with hundreds of passengers, they’d run a tighter air traffic control. Alas, to add to the controllers’ bad reputation as “sleep on the job” workers, another folly has been made by the folks at the Denver International Airport. (more…)