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“Good Riddance” Southwest Airlines

First off we’d like to say Good Morning and Happy Holiday. We here at Blades live every day like it’s Labor Day. Now onto the topic. Billie Joe Armstrong, lead vocalist and guitarist of Green Day, was forced to walk alone on his “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” after being kicked off a Southwest Airlines Flight this past Thursday. It seems the punk rock star was a “Fashion Victim” as he was repeatedly told to pull his baggy pants up, to which he refused to comply and said, “Don’t you have better things to do then worry about that?” Southwest Airlines was simply trying to avoid another pants-on-the-ground incident like that of Gerard Depardieu’s last month. (more…)


Not diggin the all-but-discreet extravagant yellow of your G-Form Extreme Sleeve? Did you leave your white iPhone in with your red socks in the washing machine? Maybe you just think your iPad could use a little green to show off your cashflow and an imprint that says “iPaid” on the back. Colorware offers services that alter the color of your existing electronic with their high-gloss, scratch resistant coating. It’s almost as if they harvest rainbows and dip your products in them. The company offers re-coloring for everything from iPhones, iPads and Macbooks to headphones, iPod docks, speakers and segways (yes, Blades Magazine’s archenemy) in a plethora of color samples. Now as soon as Colorware fills my request to color every black and white photograph in existence, “artists” can stop deeming their snapshots “art” simply because they are black and white. (more…)

Extreme Helicopter Fishing

Aww man, you forgot your fishing pole at home. Well at least you brought your helicopter as a backup, so you can still go fishing. Essentially you see a fish and you jump out of a helicopter, landing on the aforementioned fish. Why has this just recently regained popularity? I’m 85% sure our previous ancestors have been using this technique since they first colonized the land in 1920. The plot of the video revolves mainly around the protagonist jumping out of a helicopter. The climax comes when he lands in the water, wraps up the marlin with his arms and legs as if he had some experience in pro wrestling, and (ready for the cliffhanger?) lets it go. Riveting. As it is apparent there is no danger in “hugging” the fish my only concern and question is, what if he’d landed on the marlin’s nose?

“Retro Raven” September 2011 Cover

August Recap

Before we move on to September I would like to thank the key ingredients to our climbing fan base because of this amazing team we are where we should be today.  Here they are master of words Howard Gil (Gadgets/Style/Aviation), the sassy Shayne Benowitz (Blades Girl Reporter/Travel),  triple threat Benhur Barrero GoCoverGirls (Photographer) and the rest of the contributors who would like to stay anonymous until 2012. (more…)


The only experience I have with being a shark was back in ’08 when I tried my hand in the loan shark occupation. Turns out I was less intimidating than I thought…and I had a phobia of breaking legs. Lost a lotta money that year. Maybe the Seabreacher X, the most popular and aggressive of the Seabreacher ($65,000.00-$90,000.00) machines, is a sign that I can once again become a shark. (more…)


The Art of Flight

It opens in theaters this month and it’s going to push the boundaries of what you call thrilling. The plot revolves around a team with the objective to explore this white, chalky terrain few have ever trekked, where it’s difficult to keep from flying off the surface. But enough about Apollo 18, The Art of Flight movie sees its world premiere next Wednesday and it’s not so bad a movie either. (more…)

August Blades Girl Tasha Ford

Q: How did you enjoy the Blades shoot with the Bell 407 helicopter?
A: Oh, you don’t understand how excited I was when I got the call from Benhur with GoCoverGirls. I mean, that’s a kick ass prop! I get to shoot with that?! Never in a million years did I think it was going to come out so hot. Everyone’s been complimenting me and wanting to feature the pictures. I heard it was blowing up Twitter! Tasha Ford and the helicopter—that was fierce!



Ecotricity is back…and this time they’re coming for everything. It sounds like something out of a sequel, except this machine is actually successful, and didn’t entirely destroy the Godfather franchise (oh wait, that was a triquel, nevermind). In any case, Ecotricity – the same British team that set the world land speed record IN March – has built a new vehicle to accomplish the same goal on ice (which, if you think about it is kinda the same thing) with the Greenbird. (more…)