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Real lightsabers now made in Shanghai

There’s something about $200 lasers that can blind people and burn flesh that makes me think the product isn’t all that safe. It may not be the 4-foot-long light sword we remember Jedis and Siths killing eachother with, but Shanghai’s Spyder III is the closest thing we’ve ever had to recreating such a fantasy. (more…)

Project Glass

The upkeep on glasses is already an arduous task. I don’t know why anyone would want more people to wear them. But hey, Google has millions and they can do whatever they want. Like Richard Branson. The idea behind Project Glass is to integrate your glasses with technology and make them so much a part of our lives that we forget what it was like not having floating icons follow us everywhere. (more…)


I laughed at the thought that this hadn’t been invented yet. Poor battery life is inarguably the weakest aspect of the iPhone’s design, right next to having a screen more fragile than your relationship with your mother-in-law. The JuiceTank kills two birds with one innovative stone by placing a power outlet onto the back of a durable case. (more…)

April Fools – Google Tap the E-mail App

April Fools. A day where you can break up with your girlfriend. If all goes well you’re home free but just in case things go bad and tears start flying at least you have the “April Fools!” escape. Oh, and you can pull pranks too. But even on such a holiday, Google (a small-time online search engine for those of you who don’t know) manages to crank out a game-changer. They just don’t stop working over there. (more…)


There are already a few hobbies out there that involve being pulled by a rope attached to a boat. But these activities, namely wakeboarding, ignore the entire point of doing things on water: getting wet. Ideally, the whole idea behind wakeboarding or any sport of the sort is to NOT get wet. Well the fellas behind the Subwing ($700.00-$850.00) said screw that and decided to get down and dirty, wet and wild with a wing that lets you dive into the water while you’re being pulled. (more…)


Vapor Pro Royal Purple iPhone Case

We all know the risks involved in owning an iPhone without protecting it with some sort of case. The danger levels fall somewhere between letting a juvenile borrow your car and the basejumping we speak of so often. But you can’t just buy any case. There’s always gonna be those expensive iPhone cases that double its size and make it look more like an iBrick. (more…)

The HuMn Wallet

As you read this, you’re likely ruining your back simply because of the fat wallet in your back pocket is misaligning your spine. It’s time to say goodbye to the restraints of convention and get yourself a practical, modern wallet to give a little style to that back pocket. First let me start off by saying I do not, nor will I ever have the intention of switching wallets. Nothing against the HuMn Wallet, but when you have a wallet that reads “Bad Mother F*****” on the front, what is there to upgrade to? (more…)

SpareOne Mobile

No one is ever really ready for a natural disaster. Well, okay maybe those guys with fallout shelters stacked with a 20 year’s supply of food…they’re pretty well prepared. But hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, all strike with little warning and your life can change in an instant. This is where the inspiration for the SpareOne Mobile comes into play. (more…)