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Falling asleep is hard. Waking up is harder. Recently this is becoming more and more true as my mind is getting habituated to hearing the loud buzz of alarm clocks every morning (so much so that it ignores them and goes right back to sleep). Even if they did work properly there’s still the fact that I’m getting abruptly woken up in the middle of REM sleep by the unbearable sound of alarm every morning. Well sweet salvation is in sight as the Lumi sleep mask successfully eliminates such sudden “rude awakenings” by using light to disrupt the sleep cues forced on our brains by darkness. (more…)


Every once in a while the world gets that revolutionary idea that changes life as we know it. Though the impact of the Corkcicle may only be limited to the lives of the wine-sipping wealthy and champagne-guzzling socialites, it has an effect nonetheless. This invention brings solution to a problem as old as wine itself: warmth. Leaving your wine bottle open to be brought down to room temperature heightens that uncharming taste of fermented alcohol that no one likes. Corkcicle makes that a thing of the past. How it works is simple. (more…)



People won’t admit that all they really wanna do is play with balls. They get a disgusted face and the cold shoulder whenever they tell someone about their secret desire. Society just isn’t as accepting about these sort of things as they should be. But recent endorsement from the President himself could change society’s views and even provoke nationwide acceptance towards such a controversial topic. The endorsement I mean, of course, is of the Sphero. President Obama was quoted saying “Give me some space to drive my ball…That’s terrific!”, and who can blame him? A spherical ball that moves with a touch of your smartphone? That is terrific! (more…)

Air Umbrella

No one likes carrying around an umbrella. And hipsters are about the only people that don’t loathe the rain, so precipitation is pretty much a lose-lose situation for a majority of the world. But despite this universal hatred of getting a little harmless water on your clothes, the umbrella’s design hasn’t been updated since the 1800s. Well the Air Umbrella does away with nylon canopies and bothersome steel rib contraptions prone to breaking when you need them the most. (more…)

Smart Dot

Coming from years of testing and personal experience, I’ve come to the conclusion that people, in general, just won’t listen to you. Most are too dumb to understand the complexities or even simplicities of what you are saying and the rest are usually waiting for their turn to talk. So what’s the solution to such a widespread epidemic? Visual aids. I’ll be the first to tell you meetings and presentations are one pie-chart short of giving me a mental breakdown, but the second someone brings out the projector I’m all ears. (more…)


Man, the act of opening up Gmail and sending an e-mail is just too arduous a task these days. Apple has developed all these apps to find your car, sling birds at pigs and order food at airports but none to send a simple picture to the person next to you. Well the days of e-mails and flash drives are over, when MIT’s newest project reaches the masses file-sharing will finally please the lazy and relieve the industrious. PhD student Natan Linder and undergraduate researcher Alexander List proudly introduce Swÿp, an interface allowing the transfer of files through apps from one device to another with a physical gesture. (more…)


Pebble Tech

You might always hear rappers talking about rocks on their wrists and wonder how you could have a “rock on your wrist” too. Well, tape and a rock from your backyard might fit the purpose, but it’ll feel like time is always set in stone, if you catch my drift. Instead of looking like Fred from the Flintstones, get a more practical and slick looking watch, the Pebble. (more…)

JMC Soundboard

Music coming out of wood. Isn’t that what guitars are for? Usually when I hang a 60-inch in my living room, it’s a flatscreen…not a slab of wood. But I guess I’ll make an exception for the JMC Soundboard, the hi-fi home sound system encased in 350-year-old spruce. Yes, 350 years. (more…)