More Gadgets

The Human Signal

Upsettingly, the Human Signal is not a new superhero to be unveiled in the next Avengers. But it will play a role in helping justice and maintaining the peace. The Human Signal, better described as the Tex-Vest Human Traffic Light, is a wearable jersey with LEDs that light up depending on your specific hand movements. The lights are green, red and yellow purposely meant to resemble a traffic light because the majority of its use will be for police officers regulate traffic. (more…)

Torch Bicycle Helmet

Blades isn’t the ideal site to visit if you’re a bicycle enthusiast looking for unbiased opinions on equipment and such. Our hatred for and qualms with the bicyclist community have already been highly articulated and we wish you’d all just disappear. But that doesn’t mean we want you to die. Night-time safety is a major concern with cyclists, especially those from populous cities like New York where traffic is always moving and riders are in abundance. (more…)



Camping sucks. It’s a universal fact. Those who do it either do it on a dare or are a part of some horror movie. Sorry recreational campers, but you know it’s true, always looking for the newest camping equipment to make your suffering more bearable. But even with all the gear in the world…you’re still outside. Might as well cook some soup and make some calls while you’re out there. The PowerPot mixes business with pleasure by combining a pot with which to cook your bitter camp food and a USB charger to power the electronics that will get you through the long, long night. (more…)


Scooter Air Container

An update on Roberta Mancino: she still loves sharks. All last month she was scuba diving the deep waters of Tiger Beach in the Bahamas, filming the gentle beasts to promote her waterproof GoPro. While most vacation in the Bahamas, Mancino works there. As a deep sea diver, Mancino would probably make good use of the Scooter Air Container, an underwater propeller combined with an oxygen tank for extra convenience and ease of motion. (more…)

Drone Program Makes Way for Police Use

I knew there were better applications for drones than just delivering tacos. If drones had parents I’m sure they’d be disappointed to know that their child was in the food industry instead of living up to its full potential. There’s plenty of room for these unmanned aircraft to be used for remote sensing, surveillance, transport and so on but strict legislation has limited the expansion of such functions. Hoping to get around such stringent laws set by the FAA is the Department of Homeland Security, who believe drones could play a very big role in assisting law enforcement with a number of things including operational support, special event response, crime scene situational awareness, border security etc. Your initial thought may be to question why there is such resistance in drone use if there are so many obvious benefits. (more…)

Day Maker

Waking up is a creation of the devil. It’s probably the worst thing you have to do in your life and you do it every day. It’s unavoidable, the only peace from the cycle is in death. Anything to lighten the tension in my bedroom in the mornings would be welcome with open arms. The Day Maker ($100-$125) was designed to expel the evils of awful mornings by putting a smile on your face the second you wake up. (more…)


Jeb Corliss App

Some athletes have their own shoes. Some their own cereal, others their own fragrance, and so on. Sky-letes do things a little differently. A man that many predict will push skydiving into the mainstream deserves a unique brand of homage. The Jeb Corliss App (more formally known as the MOD Live App) is meant to work cooperation with an Android smartphone and the Recon Heads-Up Display Helmet. Common scenario: you’re riding the slopes of Aspen, likely doing all sorts of insane jumps/tricks when suddenly you get a text. At the same time you lost sight of your buddy who was snowboarding alongside you. (more…)


Motion-sensing technology is not a new concept. Which is exactly why it irritates me that it hasn’t already been widely implemented into everything we own. It’s unfair that if I want to manipulate a virtual 3D space I have to do it with a video game (XBOX Kinect). Fortunately there are other moderately-ticked off bright minds like me who have taken the initiative in making motion-sensing a part of everyone’s daily environment. The inventors of Leap designed a small USB-sized peripheral that connects to your computer wirelessly and creates a 3D space of 8 cubic feet where you are free to interact with your system. (more…)