More Gadgets

REM Headphones

Falling asleep to music is one of life’s greatest pleasures. As bad as it may be for you (studies show that any sound occurring as you sleep prohibits your mind from entering its needed REM cycles), a little Al Green never hurt anyone. The biggest problem I find with keeping my headphones on while I sleep is the aching ear pains I wake up with the following day. The plastic earbuds are just too hard for me to be rolling around pressing them against my delicate ears. (more…)

Plasma Explosion Gun

Look through a woman’s purse and what will you find? Heaps of inexplicable garbage and pepper spray. Times are rough and women are scared. They need to be protected and a seasoning spice isn’t gonna get the job done. They need GUNS. And EXPLOSIONS. And PLASMA. Not that we understand what that last bit really is, but it does make for an awesome name. The Plasma Explosion Gun sounds like an evil villain’s weapon of choice, but it’s actually the ultimate home defense system. (more…)

V-Moda VAMP Case

If you’re like me and just have money to blow in your pockets, then I would suggest spending your money on the VAMP iPhone Case. Unlike the rectangular jail-like Otter Box case, the VAMP actually has a bad, James bond look to it. Imagine Dr. Dre Studio Beats blended with the iphone, all bundled into a case. The VAMP case converts digital sound to analog for a hi-fi listening experience. If that doesnt catch your attention, the case is also an iphone amp, allowing you to use custom earphones for your benefit. (more…)


Inverted Umbrella

Umbrellas are a menace to society. Causing bad luck every which way and dripping water all over the place. You may have your heart set on the Air Umbrella, but if you’re looking for a tangible solution (perhaps to protect you from the sun), then the Inverted Umbrella is the tool for you. (more…)

Mozayo Interactive Table

These are lonely times. Sites like eHarmony and Matchmaker only publicize the fact that everyone is alone and could use some interaction in their lives. Some may even stoop so low as to have interactions with a table. Now that would be weird if the table wasn’t powered by a Dell computer, didn’t have Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Windows 7, or USB Ports (meant to be used ONLY for flashdrives). But the Moyazo Interactive Table does. (more…)

Mophie Juice Pack Pro

Statistically, a heck of a lot of iPhone owners walk around with cracked screens. That means, statistically, a heck of a lot of iPhone owners look like fools. Why do that to yourself when you can have the strength and security of the Mophie Juice Pack Pro? Not every one of you iPhone owners is a skydiving, wingsuiting, cliff-climbing adventurer but most of you are klutzes. (more…)


U Transfer

The U Transfer USB stick, a nifty concept design which aims to eliminate the problem of sharing files without a computer. This device would allow people to attach similar USBs to each other and transfer documents and information between USBs. Hopefully the device will have a tocuhscreen to allow users to just touch and send files. (more…)

Acoustic-Optical Bicycle Lock

Have you ever been in a crowded parking lot and not been able to find your car? At least your car flashes and honks with a click of your keys. With bicycles the primitive problem still exists! Finding your bicycle in a crowded bike rack can be slow and maddening. Thankfully designer the Acoustic-Optical Bicycle Lock makes searching for a bike in a crowded lot a thing of the past. (more…)