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November Blades Girls “Assassins” to be released

Ryanair releases Cabin Crew Charity Calendar 2012

A calendar made up of pictures of sexy girls? They stole our unoriginal idea! Perhaps in an effort to bounce back from their embarrassing schemes, Ryanair has released a calendar with photos of the airline’s female staff serving as models. But if you ask me the whole thing is very wrong, the girls still have their clothes on! Though, the idea sounds great…maybe because we thought of this first. (more…)

Sneak Peek: Tenaj Page “Retro Raven” Video

Blades Magazine is very excited to present Tenaj Page in a photo series called “Retro Raven”. Tenaj Page September’s sexy Blades Girl tells it all in her revealing interview with Blades Magazine writer Shayne Benowitz. “Retro Raven” photo series to be release this week. (more…)

“Retro Raven” September 2011 Cover

August Recap

Before we move on to September I would like to thank the key ingredients to our climbing fan base because of this amazing team we are where we should be today.  Here they are master of words Howard Gil (Gadgets/Style/Aviation), the sassy Shayne Benowitz (Blades Girl Reporter/Travel),  triple threat Benhur Barrero GoCoverGirls (Photographer) and the rest of the contributors who would like to stay anonymous until 2012. (more…)

August Blades Girl Tasha Ford

Q: How did you enjoy the Blades shoot with the Bell 407 helicopter?
A: Oh, you don’t understand how excited I was when I got the call from Benhur with GoCoverGirls. I mean, that’s a kick ass prop! I get to shoot with that?! Never in a million years did I think it was going to come out so hot. Everyone’s been complimenting me and wanting to feature the pictures. I heard it was blowing up Twitter! Tasha Ford and the helicopter—that was fierce!


August Blades Girls – “Skyline Couture” Photo session at Helicopters Over Miami

Although these are just the first 6 of 12 photographs featuring Model Tasha Ford August Blades Girl in a photo series called “Skyline Couture” we felt it would be appropriate to release the other 6 extremely sexy photographs later this week after our interview. It is not hard to notice the beast behind our Blades beauty the very sexy Bell 407 helicopter. This Bell 407 helicopter has a paint design that only complements the trendy Miami culture. (more…)

Skyline Couture

Coming August 15th
Blades Magazine is very excited to reveal August’s Blades Girl series labeled “Skyline Couture” where we will feature a very sexy black Bell 407 helicopter and of course our featured Blades Girl model. We want to give thanks to Helicopters Over Miami whose Bell 407 helicopter was a true treat to photograph. More on Helicopters Over Miami later this month.

If you have an airplane or helicopter you feel would look even better next to our monthly Blades Girl let us know. (Click Here) to contact us

July Blade’s Girl Angelica Curves

Blades Magazine’s July Blade’s girl Angelica Curves complete “Flight” series photo session with GoCoverGirls Inc.. (more…)