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“Retro Raven” September 2011 Cover

August Recap

Before we move on to September I would like to thank the key ingredients to our climbing fan base because of this amazing team we are where we should be today.  Here they are master of words Howard Gil (Gadgets/Style/Aviation), the sassy Shayne Benowitz (Blades Girl Reporter/Travel),  triple threat Benhur Barrero GoCoverGirls (Photographer) and the rest of the contributors who would like to stay anonymous until 2012. (more…)

Blades Magazine August 2011 Cover

August will make it the second month since we launched Blades Magazine to the public. I want to thank all our return readers who have been checking in on our latest featured gadgets and travel destinations. In the next couple of months Blades Magazine will make some very exciting additions in all categories. I also want to thank our talented photographer Benhur of GoCoverGirls who has been a major contributing factor to our edgy facade. We have hit over 55,000 views so thank you all for your support, we appreciate your loyalty. Blades Magazine will never be conventional and will always be independent.


Blades Magazine July 2011 Cover

July 2011

Blades Magazine July 2011 Cover
We are very excited to feature GoCoverGirls Inc. model Angelica Curves. Blades Magazine will showcase Angelica Curves “Flight Series” starting Monday July 4th 2011 stay tuned. July will feature speedboats that can practically fly, the latest in Bluetooth technology and more Angelica Curves. (more…)