V-Moda VAMP Case

If you’re like me and just have money to blow in your pockets, then I would suggest spending your money on the VAMP iPhone Case. Unlike the rectangular jail-like Otter Box case, the VAMP actually has a bad, James bond look to it. Imagine Dr. Dre Studio Beats blended with the iphone, all bundled into a case. The VAMP case converts digital sound to analog for a hi-fi listening experience. If that doesnt catch your attention, the case is also an iphone amp, allowing you to use custom earphones for your benefit.

It has a 150mW × 2 amplifier that bypasses the iPhone’s internal hardware to offer better sound quality. There’s a volume knob, a hi/lo gain switch and a toggle switch with an LED indicator for Pure or VQ listening mode. The aircraft-grade case delivers 8 hours of continuous playback from its battery, which can also be used to power theiPhone when it’s running low on power. As I stated earlier, this case isn’t for anyone. The case goes for $650 USD, pocket change if your doing big things as I am. With all those anticipating the iphone 5, this case apparently will not fit its dimensions.