Mophie Juice Pack Pro

Statistically, a heck of a lot of iPhone owners walk around with cracked screens. That means, statistically, a heck of a lot of iPhone owners look like fools. Why do that to yourself when you can have the strength and security of the Mophie Juice Pack Pro? Not every one of you iPhone owners is a skydiving, wingsuiting, cliff-climbing adventurer but most of you are klutzes.

Having a case with a 360 belt clip, rain/sand/shock protection and an impact resistance that exceeds military specifications may seem like overkill to you, but that’s exactly why you have a busted screen. But let’s say you’re not a klutz and you rarely drop your phone. Why not benefit from 2500 mAh (60 hours audio, 15 hours video) of extra juice for your battery? Go with Mophie and leave behind your days of cracked screens and broken dreams.