A little something to help bicyclists get the hell out of my lane. After exercise, these hellraisers cited fuel prices and emissions as the primary reason they ride. Well the entire bicycle-riding community will be pleased to know that the very fast, very sleek Monobike will be 100% electric. You ask, “How is it a ‘mono’-bike if it has two wheels?” Drive it fast enough and you’ll find out; at high speeds the rear wheel lifts and leaves the balancing and controlling up to the larger front wheel.

Though a concept, the City Cycle shows promise and progress in the field of futuristic vehicles that actually look futuristic. The new Corolla may be new, but it’s not exactly what Back to the Future predicted we’d be driving in the 21st century. The Monobike was conceived to alleviate urban streets of their horrid traffic and nonexistent parking with its miniature size… as well as ridding the world of slow bicyclists and tricyclists.