With gas prices going through the roof and Tron Legacy giving the main character a super futuristic sport bike, it’s no wonder cyclists are looking to go green in style. Unfortunately, the concept of the Naked Electrocycle, or “BOLT” seems to be made solely in gray. But on a non-satirical note, this bike does combines fuel efficiency and power, everything a real man wants in his life. This motorcycle isn’t like your big, loud Harley Davidson with the long chrome exhaust and leather bags on the sides.

This motorcycle has a very simple look to it, encorporating the streetfighter look similar to a Ducati and keeping the slender look of a touring bike. The Bolt harbors dual electric motors combining wih a total output of around 80 kw. Without the need for a gas tank and gas-run engine, the Bolt is able to introduce a breakthrough in motorcycle design. With a clean digital display showing speed and charge along with LED light effects, their isn’t much more to ask for from such an innovative bike.