EQP2 Excursion

We all wish we could fly more. Admit it, you’ve always wanted to own your own plane. Actually, that may be a little too extreme; do you know how much it costs to maintain a plane? That, along with the high price tags of private planes and the intimidating instability of microlights leaves potential pilots left out in the cold. For those not quite adventureous enough to fly a microlight and who don’t have the flow to buy a Cessna, there is the very recent and still work-in-progress class of planes known as Light Sport Aircraft.

This class encompasses vehicles that live somewhere between a sturdy private plane and relatively cheap microlight. The EQP2 Excursion is a concept plane, one of the few ideas for future aircraft that would fit into the Light Sport Aircraft class. The Excursion is nowhere near large scale production but designers have already constructed a large scale mock-up and plan to have a prototype in the skies by next year.