Torch Bicycle Helmet

Blades isn’t the ideal site to visit if you’re a bicycle enthusiast looking for unbiased opinions on equipment and such. Our hatred for and qualms with the bicyclist community have already been highly articulated and we wish you’d all just disappear. But that doesn’t mean we want you to die. Night-time safety is a major concern with cyclists, especially those from populous cities like New York where traffic is always moving and riders are in abundance.

The T1 Helmet ($100), the first bicycle helmet designed by Torch, is concerned with increasing safety while maintaining style. It is meant to make the urban rider/skater more visible in the dark by using LEDs in the front and back of the helmet. Similar to bicycles that have strobe lights and reflective gear, the Torch T1 is just another way to keep the user visible and give no excuse for a driver to hit them. That is unless they’re holding up traffic, which they likely are.