Scooter Air Container

An update on Roberta Mancino: she still loves sharks. All last month she was scuba diving the deep waters of Tiger Beach in the Bahamas, filming the gentle beasts to promote her waterproof GoPro. While most vacation in the Bahamas, Mancino works there. As a deep sea diver, Mancino would probably make good use of the Scooter Air Container, an underwater propeller combined with an oxygen tank for extra convenience and ease of motion.

For scuba divers who rescue, explore or mess with sharks, having to hold a propeller with one or two hands is a hassle and limits their efficiency or ability to enjoy the underwater sights. With the Scooter tank, divers would be able to control their speed (in the range of 5 mph) and direction via a remote control strapped to your hand, letting their tank rest on their backs. This makes it simpler to rescue those in need with the solid grip of two hands and deep, dark caves more maneuverable. The Scooter makes chasing down sharks easy and getting away from them even easier.