Motion-sensing technology is not a new concept. Which is exactly why it irritates me that it hasn’t already been widely implemented into everything we own. It’s unfair that if I want to manipulate a virtual 3D space I have to do it with a video game (XBOX Kinect). Fortunately there are other moderately-ticked off bright minds like me who have taken the initiative in making motion-sensing a part of everyone’s daily environment. The inventors of Leap designed a small USB-sized peripheral that connects to your computer wirelessly and creates a 3D space of 8 cubic feet where you are free to interact with your system.

What does it do? The intent is for the Leap to seamlessly operate the functions of your computer as a mouse would, only more accurately and dynamically. More reliable than a keyboard, more sensitive than a touchscreen and 200 times more accurate than even the most expensive motion-sensing device. It follows the tips of your fingers and tracks your movements down to 1/100th of a millimeter. That’s precision. No need to take a “leap” of faith here, this thing’s the real deal.