Falling asleep is hard. Waking up is harder. Recently this is becoming more and more true as my mind is getting habituated to hearing the loud buzz of alarm clocks every morning (so much so that it ignores them and goes right back to sleep). Even if they did work properly there’s still the fact that I’m getting abruptly woken up in the middle of REM sleep by the unbearable sound of alarm every morning. Well sweet salvation is in sight as the Lumi sleep mask successfully eliminates such sudden “rude awakenings” by using light to disrupt the sleep cues forced on our brains by darkness.

Put on Lumi at night and the blindfold shuts out light to help you fall asleep quickly and easily. Then, in the morning, 30 minutes before your wake-up time the mask’s LEDs gradually brighten, until a final audible alarm sound ends the sunrise sequence. It’s like hiring someone to gently open the blinds for you every morning. Like sunlight, the Lumi’s light aligns daily rhythms and activates your metabolism so you wake with ease, attention and energy, basically preparing your body for the day the moment you wake up. Stop suffering the burden of obnoxious, useless alarms every morning and let the soft satin Lumi brighten your mornings.