Maker’s Mark Cigar

I find drinking scotch and smoking cigars to be the true mark of the classy individual. Most agree and it’d be nice to save people some time in deciding who to envy by combining the two in one, maybe dipping a cigar in whiskey would do the trick. Maker’s Mark Cigars comes close to such insanity by aromatically enhancing their cigars with Maker’s Mark Bourbon. The brand creates a unique smoking experience by combining their long-leaf Dominican Repulic-grown tobacco with bourbon distilled from red wheat in the Kentucky countryside.

Though the bourbon never touches the tobacco, its effect is felt through the relaxing smoke that ensues after removing it from its glass tube. A benefit to having such an air-tight container (sealed with Maker’s Mark’s signature red wax) is that it doesn’t require humidification, making it the ideal cigar for traveling or enjoying the outdoors even when a humidor isn’t available.