Air Umbrella

No one likes carrying around an umbrella. And hipsters are about the only people that don’t loathe the rain, so precipitation is pretty much a lose-lose situation for a majority of the world. But despite this universal hatred of getting a little harmless water on your clothes, the umbrella’s design hasn’t been updated since the 1800s. Well the Air Umbrella does away with nylon canopies and bothersome steel rib contraptions prone to breaking when you need them the most.

This impressively creative new design takes in air from the bottom of the shaft and spreads out at the top, forming an air-curtain deflecting air in the same manner a canopy would. Simple yet functional. The eco-friendly umbrella does away with all materials used in previous umbrellas and eliminates the need for a plastic bag. It even limits the spread of bad luck. With nothing more than a controllable-length shaft with an on/off control and a control for the size of the air curtain, designers kept the Air Umbrella portable and practical.