Jeb Corliss B.A.S.E. Jump

Normally when one makes a demo to showcase their talents, its in the area of music. To our knowledge, Corliss isn’t in a band; the closest thing to such a group would be his involvement with Team Turbolenza. Nevertheless, our skymaster compiled footage of several of his jumps dating back all the way to 2002. I find it incredibly amusing that his video is set to the song “Paint it Black”, seeing as how he only flies in black.

To watch entire video click here

Every locale from the Eiffel Tower and the Golden Gate bridge has seen a taste of Jeb’s style. Speaking of, his style could use an update. For an entire decade the man has been propelling off his jump point with a backflip. Backflip after backflip after backflip. Where’s the originality Jeb? Still, what he lacks in pizzazz he makes up for with insanity. Narrowly missing cliff edges and almost re-entering THE SAME PLANE HE JUMPED OUT OF, Jeb’s demo shows how much he has shocked us over the last 10 years.