Kirby Chambliss Epic Flight

Don’t take offense Corliss and Daisher, you know all of your wingsuiting adventures are still the number one “epic flights”. But we gotta mention other big players every once in a while. Kirby Chambliss is an expert American aerobatics pilot who, like Daisher, is sponsored by Red Bull. He participates in numerous air races and has won both the 2004 and 2006 Red Bull Air Race World Series. Developing his skills from a young age, he began flying at 12 and by 24 was the youngest commercial pilot to fly for Southwest Airlines.

Recently Chambliss teamed up with GoPro to advertise their HD Hero 2. The flight featured ridiculous flybys and heart-stopping spins over the red, arid landscape of Arizona, all recorded in high quality video by various Go Pro cameras. Flying under gateway arches narrowly missing the ground and lifting the plane just moments before ejection becomes necessary action. In Kirby’s world, precision is an understatement. Oh and as if Team Turbolenza and Ill Vision didn’t already have enough competition, visit Team Chambliss’s page for updates on his mind-blowing stunts.