Volkswagen Hover Car

Common sense would tell you that the car company that brought you the Beetle and the hippy Bus are probably the least likely to show interest in tackling a project as heavy as hover cars. Then again those two models do show evidence of their desires to make umm…unique vehicles. The car manufacturer’s latest advertisement features the stereotypical bald man dressed in white so as to appear like a brilliant sage informing you of the newest development in the commercial auto industry. From what I can infer (with no help from the redundant Chinese subtitles), VW’s designed a compact car that hovers off the ground by way of electromagnetic levitation from the Earth’s layers.

For those easily convinced, the concept car is not legit…yet. Right now it’s merely part of The People’s Car Project, an initiative launched in China by VW to let citizens submit ideas to their Research & Development sector. The concept vehicle seen in the video is the brainchild of Jia Wang who aimed to solve traffic congestion with a small, spherical urban vehicle that would be able to park anywhere and avoid crashes through distance sensor technology. If this idea “takes flight” the world will finally have a car for the people, by the people. There’s room for a joke about Chinese government here but I’m not even gonna touch it.