Man, the act of opening up Gmail and sending an e-mail is just too arduous a task these days. Apple has developed all these apps to find your car, sling birds at pigs and order food at airports but none to send a simple picture to the person next to you. Well the days of e-mails and flash drives are over, when MIT’s newest project reaches the masses file-sharing will finally please the lazy and relieve the industrious. PhD student Natan Linder and undergraduate researcher Alexander List proudly introduce Swÿp, an interface allowing the transfer of files through apps from one device to another with a physical gesture.

In other words, you can swipe stuff from your iPhone to your friend’s iPhone! By doing nothing more than opening the app and moving your finger from your device to the one receiving the file, the user can seamlessly communicate information in a way that all us geeks have been dreaming of for years. Even more interesting, the technology would work not only with smartphones but with another project Linder has up her sleeve: LuminAR. LuminAR attaches to light fixtures and projects media like that of your laptops and smartphones onto normal surfaces like tables or the Augmented Product Counter, which allows you to control a computer with a surface displaying tappable images.