Miles Daisher Our Skyaker

Daisher just can’t seem to get out of the spotlight. Still jumping at age 43, this guy’s accomplished more than I can hope to in my entire life. Logging over 3,100 skydives and having a Guinness world record of 57 BASE jumps in one day attached to his name, he’s unquestionably worthy of his nickname “The Frequent Flyer”. All jumpers seem to have that genuine spirit and fun-seeking attitude we admire and Daisher’s has led him to imagine up crazy ways to add pizzaz to his jumps (i.e. hopping off a plane in a kayak).

Guess he can add “First and only person to ride the air in a water vessel” to the wrestling and pole-vaulting titles he earned in his younger years. For a guy with such an outgoing spirit, the time he sets aside for his family and “Miles D’s BASE Camp” in Twin Falls, Idaho (where he teaches the art of his craft) come as a pleasant surprise. What he’s most pumped for, though, is the release of “Human Flight 3D”, the feature film in which he plays himself, BASE jumping and doing all sorts of crazy things all over the world. Daisher laughs as he comments about the film, “Instead of actors that do their own stunts, we’re stunt men that do our own acting”.