The Man Who Lived on his Bike

Everyone’s gone through that low period where they’ve had to resort to living in their car. We call that Cinco de Mayo weekend in college. But Guillaume Blanchet takes simple living to an entirely new level by trading in his four-wheeler for a two-wheeled, roofless bike. Winner for best short film at the Kalamzaoo’s 2012 Francophone Film Festival, the video gives a humorous look into our daily activities by giving them all a common setting…his bicycle.

Spending 382 days filming and riding through the streets of Montreal, with no protection from the elements and little more than an uncomfortable seat to rest on while he slumbers, he may as well have lived on his bike. The video is an ode to his father, who rode his bike over 78,000 miles in his lifetime. And my dad couldn’t even teach me how to ride mine. Shaving, cooking, and bathing (not the nicest of sights), Blanchet makes all the little things we do everyday look obscurely hilarious.