Asylum Time-Lapse

Thank God, a time-lapse that isn’t of miniatures or some rural landscape. Those are brutal. Almost as brutal as trying to imagine the kinds of horrors past inhabitants of the beaten-down Maryland asylum had to endure. It is completely beyond me how buildings get so wrecked from the inside. It’s like they go out of their way not to clean up the mess.

15 minutes outside the District, the 1920s asylum sits on the Maryland side of the river but that’s about as much as we can tell you, the director won’t cough up its exact location in order to “maintain its integrity”. With all the dust, smashed windows and broken equipment we’re not sure what sort of “integrity” there is to maintain. Geraci, the director, tip-toed carefully through what he called the “post-apocalyptic setting” so as not to disturb the environment and portray the abandoned mental institution exactly as they found it. Despite it being a time-lapse, the video gives off that erie feeling of time standing still.