104-Year-Old Paraglider

There’s something very eschew in your skydiving career when your age approaches the number of seconds you experience freefall. Being near a skydiving zone at age 104 (the number itself is awkward to type) is sort of like being at Chuck E. Cheese at any two-digit age, if you’re not there to watch a over a relative significantly younger than yourself it just looks really alarming to anyone in the vicinity. But Peggy McAlpine has no time to worry about what people think she should or shouldn’t do. Literally she has no time, she’s a hundred and four.

This adventure-seeking Scottish woman jumped off a 2,400 foot peak at the Kyrenia mountain range next to St Hilarion castle in Cyprus. With a name like that I’m surprised she didn’t wanna do it at the Alps. Shockingly, this wasn’t the first time she jumped with an age in the triple digits, back in 2007 she claimed the title for oldest person to go paragliding. That was until a 101-year-old stole her title. And so Peggy, who first got into extreme sports at the young age of 80 when caring family members persuaded her to go bungee jumping, decided to reclaim her title and regain her place in the Guinness Book of World Records. Those relatives must really be aching for their inheritance. Jumping with the same pilot that helped her set her first record, Peggy accomplished her incredible goal gliding past Kyrenia mountain range. Everyone’s always trying to be the first, but Peggy McAlpine flies in a different direction. Passionate sports take passionate people, and what Peggy has done has proven it to the fullest.