Iceland in HD

Now I just got back from watching The Avengers in 3D, so I know how much of a difference a single consonant (“D”) makes. Whether it’s an extra dimension to enjoy your movie in or an upgrade in definition with which to appreciate Iceland, “D” is a luxury us privileged fellows should not overlook. On the subject of appreciation, Iceland in HD happens to be another one of those “appreciate life before it passes you by” stories.

A couple loses sight of their purpose in life and finds it in the not-so-icy landscape of Iceland. Its isolated waterfalls and spewing geysers make its cloudless skies, grassy plains, and mirror-surface waters look inferior by comparison. The thought of losing any of its ultra-white glaciers makes one think twice about contributing their carbon emissions and aerosol sprays to global warming. The filmmakers left in search of a break from city-life insanity and found a nook of tranquility. Oh the perks of HD.