TonySuit Wingsuits

Watching all these wingsuit videos and witnessing the Corliss/Mancino duo tearing it up in the skies has undoubtedly filled many of you with envy. We know you hesitate every time you visit the site for fear of not being able to control your urge to quit your job and submit an application to Team Turbolenza. If only you could join them in flight where the troubles of society all but vanish.

Oh wait, there’s TonySuit Wingsuits. Average everyday Joe’s like yourself now have access to some of the best performing wingsuits available, allowing you to stay in the air for minutes and glide for miles. Winning all distance and time competitions in recent years and holding the records for both the world’s longest B.A.S.E. jump and the world’s longest skydive, TonySuit Wingsuits puts you in good hands. Place your order with the world’s largest jumpsuit manufacturer today and you can be up and flying within the week! Of course there’s still that little formality of getting your skydiving license and/or getting over your fear of heights, but no task is insurmountable.