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Insanity Wingsuit Stunt with Mini Cooper

This article may be coming in a little late. That’s because I’ve been too busy replaying this commercial on a continuous loop so that I don’t have to miss a second of its utter magnificence. I’ve never given a standing ovation to a commercial before, but I guess this isn’t just a commercial.

Just as Blades has foreseen, wingsuiting is reaching, no, more like striking at the population with the fury that we’d hoped for. It’s difficult not to make wingsuits look BOSS, but Mini Cooper takes its mind-blowingness to a whole new level. Holding on to the roof of the humorously small vehicle, the wingsuiter propels himself off and begins paragliding in a sense, being pulled along unbearably fast like the kite of a hyper-active child. Then he is cut loose from the rope restraining him and he is allowed to fly, and fly fast. And if you’re not one for cliffhangers, I’ll give you my best guess right now…he lands on the car. Genius.