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Jeb Corliss Angel Falls 1997

Since we shared with you Corliss’s Empire State Building fiasco back when his parachuting career was starting out, it only makes sense that we give you another piece of pie that is Jeb’s history. Back in 1997, on the brink of his 30th base jump, Corliss rides a plane to Angel Falls, his first real expedition.

With no idea what they were doing the crew had no food and no water. The trip was supposed to last one day but, in Corliss’s words “turned into a four day fight to survive”. But preceding such a horror was his beautiful 3,212 foot jump (his highest at the time). The waterfall is the tallest in the world and rests deep within the Venezuelan jungle. Arriving at his drop-off point, he hands the pilot a handsome wad of cash and leaps out of the plane, parachuting onto the waterfall he is about to parachute from. Even without the crisp recording style of the HERO cam, the UNESCO World Heritage Canaima National Park appears breathtaking and almost makes the four day struggle worth it.