Skate Legends | Powell Peralta and Element Case

Teaming up is just about the coolest plot twist one can integrate into their work. Just like when superheroes team up to fight evil that could not be conquered individually or when Danny Ocean asked for the help of Terry Benedict in Ocean’s 13, it never disappoints.

Just what I love to see, American skateboard company Powell-Peralta and iPhone case producers Element Case have teamed up to produce a line of unique skateboard-themed cases. Element Case, known for their sturdy cases, have produced many top-of-the-range, indestructible steel cases that can be regarded as works of art. Powell-Peralta, leaders in the art and design of the skateboarding counter-culture, have created numerous rebel themed skateboards and shirts. These two creative companies have co-operated to produce a series of unique, interchangeable backplates for the Element Case iPhone cases. The beautiful designs feature logos of many famous past skateboarding legends. Besides looking great, these cases also provide protection for the phone with some of the strongest cases in the industry.