New River Gorge Bridge

A steel arch bridge 3,030 feet long cannot make a better BASE jumping location, especially if it’s your first time. Most of the BASE jumpers Blades talks about jump from rediculous heights but they are all experienced jumpers with thousands of jump experience. Well, atleast we hope they all are experienced. The first BASE jump can quite possibly be the scariest of a jumpers career, so it is always important to be safe.

On top of the New river Gorge Bridge, arched above the New River Gorge in West virginia, a jumper takes a deep breath before plummeting down the 876 feet of air to the bottom. the crazy view of fresh mother nature must truly get the adrenaline pumping through that jumpers veins. Just the thought of a potential black bear waiting for him at the bottom scares the living jumpers out of me. Although im not sure if West Virginia even has black bears in their forests, the thought is still quite stimulating. After reaching the bottom, this man can feel proud and accomplished for he just jumped off the fifth highest vehicular bridge in the world!