Jeb Corliss & The Empire State Building

Everyone faces struggles when on the come-up. Brady had to battle to get off the bench and lead the Patriots as quarterback, Bernie Mac lived in poverty and Ray Charles had the whole blind thing. Corliss is no exception and as can be seen by his outrageous attempt to leap off the Empire State Building in ’08, his struggles were unique.

Although practice makes perfect, it’s pretty hard to practice B.A.S.E. jumping when you have no “base” to jump off of. After a while diving out of your second floor apartment becomes menial and you wanna try something bigger (as in tallest building in New York bigger). This determined attempt at an awesome stunt instantly becomes a hilarious catastrophe all because of those dumb things we call safety and law. Think about it, what wandering New York pedestrian wouldn’t want to look up and see Jeb Corliss trying to be a bird?

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