Wales Millenium Stadium

Soccer is just about the only sport where what happens in the stands and around the stadium is more exciting that the game itself. For one thing you have a ball being kicked around aimlessly and a score that stays idle for a full 90 minutes. Then of course there’s the proceeding riots that ensue when a rival team (or even a friendly team) happens to win. Every game it’s like they’ve never heard of losing.

“NO! We lost by one point!” Yes, that’s because the score was 1-0. Soccer fans are dangerous and they are deadly. In fact, the three B.A.S.E. jumpers jumping off the roof of Wales’s Millenium Stadium before kick-off would probably safer leaping without their parachutes than being stuck in a crowd of angered soccer fans. Thankfully though that wasn’t the case and they all touched down smoothly. Damn. B.A.S.E jumpers performing at a soccer game? Next they’re gonna be doing children’s parties.