Miami B.A.S.E. Swag

Miami is just the epitome of swag. Beaches, babes and now B.A.S.E. What do you get when you take a young guy and give him a parachute? You can guarantee he’s gonna try something stupid. Actually he looks like a teenager you can guarantee he’s gonna try something stupid without the parachute. But you need not worry there’s an “adult” with him to supervise and even join in the life-risking stupidity we call B.A.S.E. jumping.

Andrew Peterson, the man responsible for supplying said ‘chute, created the short film Miami BASE to document urban base-jumping and record people like Tom and Andrew risking life and limb for the quick thrill of illegal base-jumps. Peterson then sold his documentary of these wild guys to Playboy, king of girls gone wild, for their Dossier web series. How better to test the will and guts of the two than placing them 51 stories above ground, telling them to jump and then giving them no police permission whatsoever to do it?