Perrine Bridge

Idaho, one of the many states I know absolutely nothing about and a state that i have never seen on the news, for anything. Well, this state is actually home to the Perrine Bridge, a massive 486 foot structure just above the Snake river. The bridge seems to be a popular site for BASE jumping, as many jumps have been recorded there. the bridge is open to jumpers year round, and surprisingly, a permit is not required for jumping.

I’m not sure if not requiring a permit is a smart idea, but I can see myself buying a parachute at a nearby store and going for a few jumps. Just kidding, but other have taken their chances and jumped off the bridge, even setting world records. In 2005, Miles Daisher set a BASE jumping record after jumping off the bridge 57 times in one day! Looks like some people simply cannot get enough thrill. Or maybe they really want to see how many jumps it takes till the parachute gets tired of opening and decides to malfunction. A few BASE jumpers not only jumped from the bridge, but did cool flips and turns while in the air. An attempt at a “one and a half twist” and a “triple gainer” sure sound pretty rad. Looks like Tony Hawk has some serious airborne competition.