Jin Mao Tower

Wow, BASE jumping has yet to find a limit in jump height, as new heights are constantly being jumped and mastered by dare devils. Apparently, those old Tom and Jerry cartoons where the cat falls off high buildings and breaks through hundreds of feet of concrete, doesn’t have any affect on BASE jumpers.The Jin Mao Tower, located in Shanghai, China–a building with a whopping height of 1,381 feet–seems to have all the features needed to accommodate people on the inside of the structure, but the top of the tower is where the jumper finds his favorite suite.

A BASE jumper using an all-black wingsuit lept from the Mao Tower, opening his arms and legs to the allow the flaps to work against the breeze, slowly gliding down before releasing his parachute. Spectators at the bottom must have wondered whether the black object in the sky was a bird,plane, or Batman. The jumper fell so fast and delayed the use of the parachute for such a long time that I even began worrying whether he remembered to pack his parachute. Although tough to imagine, the jumper may have been influenced by Batman on tv and simply decided he too did not need a parachute.