Te Amo Peru

I’m a professional, and just because I have personal ethnic ties with Peru, the country I call home, doesn’t mean I’m going to write a biased article. That being said, Peru is inarguably the best place in the world. We’ve got one of the seven wonders of the world, a festival where people literally brawl eachother, sexy beaches, unique music and, of course, the best food.

Period. The rest of Latin America can go ahead and brag about their non-humiliating soccer teams and stable governments, but we’ve got ceviche. I don’t know exactly how to illustrate how diverse of a culture it really is. From its quechua-speaking, colorful wool-wearing potato farmers to its alpaca-owning food vendors to its everyday businessmen and women, you won’t drive through the landscape without encountering at least several different peoples. If you want to relax, drive to any town and hang out with welcoming locals, dining on criminally cheap cuisine and dancing to a percussive beat. If you want to have your breathe taken away, visit Macchu Picchu or the Pyramids of Caral or any of the other canonized structures of Cuzco for an unforgettably enlightening experience.