Retro Florida Keys

Wait this is beautiful. It’s interesting how the ocean can have such a measurable impact on an island’s culture. Mere miles north of Key West lie suburbs and towns just like any other place, but the island is something different. I don’t wanna say it’s a simple life but it seems their biggest issues are “Which flip flops should I wear?” and “Do you think the weather will be perfect enough?”.

Everything, from food to fun, revolves around that Godly element they just call water. Behind a cloud of retro filters and abrupt scene changes, the sort of “day in the life” video documents the luxury of hanging out by the shore, having lobster and a couple of drinks with no concern for the troubles of the non-island sector (Florida) above them. Equally fun for the middle-aged women sharing laughs and the “bros” painting the town, the Keys seems like the definition of “fun for all”.