JMC Soundboard

Music coming out of wood. Isn’t that what guitars are for? Usually when I hang a 60-inch in my living room, it’s a flatscreen…not a slab of wood. But I guess I’ll make an exception for the JMC Soundboard, the hi-fi home sound system encased in 350-year-old spruce. Yes, 350 years.

You can call it old, JMC calls it “antique”. What an interesting way to spike up the price to $6,500. The wood for the soundboard is harvested by a dedicated 80-year-old tree gatherer who has had countless years of experience and selected only the highest quality resonating wood to be used for the speakers. This wood is then put in the hands of master-lutherie Jeanmichel Capt. Even his name sounds classy. Capt has the job of combining form with function and making the simplistic block of wood into a wall-mountable resonator of what they call “pervasive musical climate”. The “omnidirectional wave” gets you the same quality of sound, no matter where you are in the room, making the Soundboard easily position-able in any part of your house.