Midnight Sun Iceland

We also wish there were more hours in the day. Except for prisoners of course. Well to the benefit of Icelanders and Alaskans, this dream becomes reality for a few days out of the year. It’s called the Midnight Sun and, apart from sounding like the code to enter drug lord’s club, it’s exactly what the name implies. Even at midnight, this natural phenomenon allows a small amount of sunlight to be cast over the Arctic and Antarctic Circles, so the sun never fully sets and can be seen for 24 hours a day.

This specific time-lapse recorded Iceland’s Midnight sun in June of 2011, where the sun crawled across the horizon for 17 days straight. As if going to sleep wasn’t hard enough now you have a giant sun keeping you up 24/7. The phenomena is exactly that. In a scene that resembles Dali’s Persistence of Memory, time and space seem still, but that might just be Iceland. Stars don’t even reappear until August. Just all sun all the time. Man summer nightlife must suck.