Little Laos

How professional miniature-makers have move their tiny people around I will never know. They have to hire someone with miniature hands, otherwise I think the whole set would be destroyed in one foul swoop. I just wouldn’t have the patience. If you enjoyed the open atmosphere and crisp wildlife of the Springtime in Kiev tilt-shift video, take a visit some odd miles east to Laos, an Asian nation snuggled nestle between northern Thailand and Vietnam.

With 6.5 million inhabitants and its culture shared between urban marketplaces and bustling ports, Laos seems like a busy place. But like any place, you can find refuge from the busy cities in the calming stillness of nature. Mountains, open fields, and quiet waters free of obnoxious party-ers and assholes with yachts. Yes I just got back from Miami Beach. Even Laos’s jungles are nothing compared to the one I experienced over there. Little Laos: quaint and quiet.