Team Ill Vision

Everyone needs some friendly competition. But Team Ill is so similar to Team Turbolenza that this isn’t just some buddy-buddy thing…it’s a rivalry. I’m not saying one copied the other, but TWO wingsuiting/B.A.S.E jumping teams? It just doesn’t add up. Both travel the world in search of new records to break and new heights to reach (literally), trying to make history everyday. But only one can hold a record, and there’s only room for one in the history books. Coexisting is not an option.

Team Ill Vision is probably better suited for those who like to understand their skydivers, seeing as how they speak English and Turbolenza speaks Italian. They also happen to keep a nice little blog of their ventures, detailing the voyage to each jump point as a narrative. Turbolenza may have the upper-hand in having a sexy model as their mascot/frontrunner, but their nemesis is accessible. What Turbolenza lacks in writing they more than make up for in footage. Wouldn’t you rather watch a stunt than read about it? The team won’t last if Turbolenza has anything to say about it. We have an “ill vision” for the future of Ill Vision.