Goodyear Blimp Shot

There’s a financial crisis and these guys are throwing basketballs out of a blimp. Must be nice. Imagine getting paid to screw around, make YouTube videos all day, and fly around in a Goodyear Blimp. That’s the life of YouTube celeb team “Dude Perfect”, a group of guys who decided long ago to make basketball shots for a living.

The NBA didn’t want ’em, but YouTube sure does. After 99 videos of incredible trick shots, the team knows that going big for their 100th shot is a necessity. You may call making a basketball into a hoop from some 200 feet in the air insanity, they call it work. It’s nice to see resources aren’t wasted in this country. The shot may have been short-lived, but it’s hardly something you’ll forget and probably something you’ll attempt with your friends. Good luck with finding a blimp to use, apparently Goodyear doesn’t just lend that out to anyone.